Ask A Designer Before You Hire Them

The Top Ten Questions To Ask A Designer Before You Hire Them:

  1. Do you do your work in 3D?
  2. Do you own the drawings or do ‘I’?
  3. Do you charge every time I want something changed?
  4. Will you come see my lot before you begin?
  5. Will you come to my home and see what I am trying to do?
  6. Have you ever built anything yourself?
  7. Do you have any references?
  8. May I see some of your work?
  9. What is included in your design package?
  10. Will you keep me ‘on track’ making sure I don’t get myself in trouble because of costs, as I am not aware of what things cost?

The Top Seven Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Designer:

  1. Thinking every designer knows what he/she’s doing.
  2. Not structuring the design requirements up front.
  3. Not researching who you are choosing to do your project.
  4. Not understanding the residential or commercial markets.
  5. Giving wrong information to the designer.Your architectural designer is on your team.You need to give the true information on the front end.
  6. Choosing the wrong designer because of price!Interview, interview, interview!!!
  7. Not allowing the proper time to get the ‘best’, ‘most creative’, ‘most useful’ and ‘most efficient’ design possible.