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Wally Westbrook has hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of homes he has either designed or built. Homes from 1,500 to 17,000 feet are in his portfolio. One thing he does exceptionally well is transition from less costly homes to mansions.


Remodeling is where Wally Westbrook 'really shines'. His design experience, knowledge of construction and understanding of costs makes him 'head and shoulders' above ANYONE else. There is NO ONE who can help you more than Wally Westbrook.....no one. In today's economy, everyone is 'thinking twice' about their decisions....even in terms of not going into new debt by purchasing another home. What people ARE doing is 'reshaping' their existing homes. They are changing their existing homes and making them into what they really want and need. Is it smart, I think so as long as you don't 'over do it'. There are some significant things to know. For instance, even if you built 'exactly' what you are now living in, it would cost significantly more. Why? Here are some reasons.....land cost, labor costs, material costs, builder costs.... So, think twice as you make your decisions. Get some professional advice.