Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Question: How much will it cost to build?
    • ANSWER: I’ve been asked that question over and over and over again. The best answer I can give is this.....but first, I need to ask YOU. I need to know.... “How much does a trip cost?” (I’m not trying to be ‘cute’....but am trying to simply let people understand that.....”it all depends.” How much does it cost to build???? It all depends and you need to get with someone who can help you....right from the start. It all starts in the design.

  • Question: Is it a good time to do my project?
    • ANSWER: One might ‘predict’ that the answer would be ‘NOW IS THE BEST TIME.’ Well, let me try to shed some light. That answer is actually true, during my lifetime. All during my career, costs have gone up. During good times and bad times, ‘now’ IS THE BEST TIME. Why? The answer is simple. During good times, ‘everything’ goes up; i.e. labor costs, material costs, builder costs. So, before things go up....’do your project.’ During bad times, labor costs go down, ‘most’ material costs go down, builder profits go down. So, before things get better....’do your project.’

  • Question: Should I remodel my existing home or should I go out and purchase a new home?
    • ANSWER: Everyone’s circumstances are different. There are many factors that come into play. First, what are the reasons for wanting to remodel or build? DON’T do the wrong what is best for you. There is NO set answer. Every situation must be evaluated. Just get yourself with someone who can help answer the questions.