About Westbrook Designs

Meet Wally Westbrook

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The name WESTBROOK is a ‘good name’ and has been for many years. It is a name that denotes experience and above average knowledge. It is a name known in The Woodlands, the world’s largest Master Planned Community, for some of the most innovative and superior designs and homes you’ve ever seen. The Westbrook name is associated with fairness, trust, respect and integrity.

Wally Westbrook, prior to designing professionally, was the premier builder in The Woodlands, Texas and North Harris County (Houston, Texas) for years and years. His experience in building stretches from far West Texas to Central Tennessee.

Everywhere Wally goes, he becomes the ‘resident builder’. People ask his advice all the time. His knowledge of most anything regarding building is far greater than most. He’s always helpful and one thing people like is that they can TRUST him. He doesn’t always tell people what they ‘want’ to hear....but he always tells them what they ‘need’ to hear. Good or bad, the truth is the truth.

In 1998, he began designing residential and light commercial projects. As a builder, he would ‘show plans’ to people and most of the time, they ‘just didn’t get it’. He realized a long time ago that people could ‘really understand’ if they saw their project in 3D. So, as he began his ‘design career’, he did it ‘right’....’from the start’. With the combination of his creative design skills coupled with his building experience, he is ‘still building’ but inside a computer. Arches, walls, roofs, doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms.....EVERYTHING is understandable in 3D.

Wally says that if you ‘see it.....before you build it’ you are much better off. If you like what you see in the design phase, you will like what you see in ‘real life’. If you don’t like what you see during the design phase, you will absolutely NOT like it in real life. Wally always says.....”KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.”